UNION IV – Principle of the four

Union IV has four divisions or I can say opportunities for artists and the companies. This principle of the four is recordings, publishing, live, and commercial. It links the artists to the digital world and helps them in fulfilling their dreams and get heard all over the world. Union IV also helps the artists to efficiently monetise through their work. As the Union IV (the best Digital Music Rights And Management Company) collaborates with the different experienced leaders and professionals team due to which Union IV achieves the best results for you in fulfilling your dreams.

Well, often the question arises in mind that what does the recordings, publishing, live and commercial mean and why Union IV is best for the recordings, publishing, live, and commercial?

UNION IV Recordings:

UNION IV Recordings is all about the Music Recording. If any of the new artists go alone to the recording studios he cannot get the full access but through Union IV you get the full access to our global network of recordings studios which are affiliated with us. We are working with highly skilled and experienced studio engineers and producers to give life to your idea.

UNION IV Publishing:

What if you have done the recording from the very great studio and have got a very great album in your hand. What will you do with that? You always need a great publishing to get famous. So UNION IV publishing professional team is the best in publications. It builds your relationship with the great publishers to ensure your brand reaches the right audiences.


UNION IV Live is the very great platforms for the artists and other persons who are finding the best platform for live events. Means, as touring and performing, is an essential part of artists in his music career. So Union IV Live helps in this cause; we help you in getting the right live agent or planning your own live show.

UNION IV Commercial:

UNION IV Commercial is the best way for artists to get advertisement of the different brands and companies. Union IV helps companies to get the best artists which fit with their brands.

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