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What We Do

Rights Management Company

Union is digital first resource management platform and network for music artists. Union enables music artists to coordinate, manage, and streamline the processes involved in operating a digital first 360 recording label solution. Our vision is to empower artists by providing them with an agile and transparent network to scale their operations.

Manages your Career

Union is a technology company that helps music artists and their respective teams outsource, manage, and administrate 360 label service solutions at scale. We provide independent artists and companies with customisable administration dashboards to holistically manage their careers via our cloud based system. From digital distribution to networking solutions

Union IV Divisions

Our company focus is to enable rights holders to efficiently monetise their assets across the recordings, publishing, live, and commercial verticals with the help of our rights managers and professionals partners.

We are a collaborative team operated by an experienced leadership specialising in each area ensuring we achieve the best results for our clients.